Carlson Mining

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Software for Mining Professionals

The Carlson Mining software product line includes modules for geological modeling, planning and design of open pit and underground mining, solving problems of a mine surveyor service, drawing up reclamation schemes, processing point clouds and a number of other programs. The programs can be installed as AutoCAD® applications or with IntelliCAD®.

With worldwide applications, Carlson Mining solutions are widely used in the coal industry, in the mining of phosphates, trona, limestone, non-metallic building materials, granite, clay and even ore materials. Whether used for underground or open pit mining, permitting, geological mapping, inventory counting, or reclamation, Carlson's programs provide highly efficient and easy-to-use automation solutions. To create software that meets the needs of users, the development team is always open to any and all feedback.


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Analyse, Model & Perfect your Geologic Work

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Surface Mining

Design, Modify & Simulate your Surface Mine

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Underground Mining

Plan, Draft & Simulate your Undrground Mine Plan

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Design Blasts with Safety and Effciency in Mind