Carlson C-ALS® - Cavity Auto-scanning Laser System

The Carlson C-ALS laser system allows you to safely, quickly and reliably scan inaccessible underground cavities. The C-ALS can be placed into the cavity from a safe location through a drilled hole over 50mm in diameter. Since the C-ALS can be deployed in any direction, a well can be drilled at any angle from one accessible underground tunnel to another to scan it. The system is applicable in underground and surface mining, construction, subsidence research and volume estimation.CALS in hands small

Carlson Void Scanner+

CALS in hands small

The Carlson VS+ is a laser-based cavity monitoring system that helps you to solve

underground surveying challenges quickly and at low cost. It's a specialized, ruggedized instrument that can be operated wirelessly. The Void Scanner+ uses time-of-flight laser measurement to map the shape, position and spatial location of voids, which helps ensure both the safety of personnel, and the protection of stock and underground sites.




Carlson FiX1


The Fixed Installation Scanner (FiX1) from Carlson provides a simple, automated method for obtaining volumetric results of stockpiles in many different applications.

The FiX1 system can be scheduled to scan, process and deliver a result without any user intervention. With remote connectivity through mobile and Wi-Fi networks, the FiX1 can be permanently installed into inaccessible areas. It can be left to carry out volumetric scans that are triggered manually or by a user-defined schedule to automate a scan and provide continuous calculations.

Carlson Quarryman Pro

Laser scanning for quarry surveying and stockpile monitoring. Using Carlson's Quarryman Pro rock-profiling and laser-scanning system not only improves site safety, it also gives you the data to make decisions that increase productivity.

Carlson Merlin LT


Vessel-based coastal, offshore and inland waterway LiDAR mapping system.

Engineered specifically to integrate with your vessel’s existing hydrographic surveying equipment, the Merlin LT enables you to synchronise above-water LiDAR data with your below-water sensors to simultaneously produce an accurate dataset of the environment above and below the waterline.



Carlson Boretrak2

The Boretrak measurement system measures borehole deviation in a wide range of applications, including quarrying, mining, geotechnical, and engineering works. Compact, lightweight, rugged, and highly portable, Boretrak2 enables users to work quickly and move across large sites, covering vast areas, without the need to transport bulky surveying equipment.

CALS in hands small


Carlson Scan2K


The Carlson Scan2K bridges the gap between small, light-weight, short-range sensors and large, long-range, pulsed time-of-flight scanners. Built with surveyors in mind, the Carlson Scan2K has a user-friendly on-board operator interface with menu-driven operations for quickly collecting and referencing data.


With an integrated high-resolution camera, inclinometers, a compass, a L1 GNSS receiver, and weather-proof housing, the Scan2K can be deployed in many environments and orientations. Whether on a tripod, vehicle, or moving platform, the outstanding performance of the Scan2K makes it the most versatile terrestrial laser scanner on the market.